Sports medicine is still in its infancy in the UK. It is a holistic approach to rehabilitation and training; a medical specialty concerned with the management of injuries caused by participation in sports and other fitness activities. ProCare Sports Medicine was born out of the frustrations felt by athletes and active people who wanted better access to this know-how in Cornwall. A dedication to developing sports medicine in Cornwall and beyond lies at the heart of our mission.

What we treat

In our state of the art gym in Truro, we manage a wide range of injuries, which can include acute, long term persistent pain issues and post operative management. We also look at those irritating niggles, which are holding you back from reaching your potential. We specilaise in identifying the needs of your sport or fitness regime so that we can provide bespoke rehabilitation and training programmes.

Why choose us

We’ll educate you about your mind and body, keep you training while you’re injured and educate you about recovery and optimal training conditions. You’ll feel better about your sport or activity and have a renewed confidence in your body (without the fear that follows an injury). You’ll sleep better, train better and come back stronger – it’ll change your life.

What to expect

Here is a summary of what to expect from your experience with ProCare.

  1. A diagnosis wil be made & explained thoroughly so that you completely understand the problem (you leave the clinic with a plan of action).
  2. Timeframes for your recovery & return to sport will be explained in detail.
  3. Slow motion video analysis with instant feedback if required. This includes complex movements such as running, weight lifting & change of direction. This will increase your understanding about how your body compensates when you are injured. It also enables us to identify problems that cannot be seen in real time, which can be a major cause of injury.
  4. We offer you advice about whether you would need possible investigations e.g. x-Rays, MRI scans, ultrasound scans, blood tests, etc.
  1. We can also help you understand the results of previous investigations & we will explain the significance of these results to you.
  2. We offer advice about when an invasive procedure maybe needed or considered e.g. surgery, injections etc.
  3. We build a specific injury risk profile for you so that we can help prevent injuries occurring in the future.
  4. Onward referral recommendations if required including written correspondence with your GP or consultant.
  5. Communication with your coach or trainer if training needs to be adapted or altered.

Our Team

Andrew McCauley MSc BSc CSCS HCPC MCSP

Andrew, founder of ProCare Sports Medicine is a sports scientist, sports medicine practitioner, senior NHS physiotherapist and sports and conditioning leader who trains other physios in the UK. He has a degree in PE/Sports Science from Liverpool University and a physiotherapy degree from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. In 2013, Andrew completed his masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine from Exeter University with distinction. Andrew is a certified strength and conditioning specialist from the NSCA. He delivers a course internationally called ‘Unravelling S&C for Therapists”, which aims to improve the therapist’s ability to prescribe exercise.

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