Sponsored Athlete: Tristan Stephenson

Tristan Stephenson




2021 Serpent Trail 100km, 1st (CR)
2021 South West Traverse, 1st
2020 Dartmoor Ultra, 1st (CR)
2020 Arc of Attrition 100mile, 3rd
2019 Conquest of Avalon 84km, 2nd
2019 East Devon Round 100km, 1st


I’ve been running competitively for three years, and enjoy racing just as much as I do training for a race. I’m a geek at heart and spend a lot of time thinking about optimisation, whether it be through my run training, diet, sleep or strength and conditioning. I love seeing improvements through marginal gains and hope that those improvements will keep me competitive and injury free as I enter longer, harder races in the future.

Tristan Stephenson

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