Anyone can give up chocolate for 6 weeks, anyone can lift with good technique for 6 reps out of the 10, but consistency is key to losing weight, recovering from that ongoing back pain, getting lean, getting fast etc etc. If you want to get better and achieve your goal, than 6 weeks needs to be 6 months or 6 years and 6 out of 10 good reps needs to be 10 out of 10 good reps…always.


Consistency leads to behaviour change and if your behaviour changes, then you have a habit, if you have a habit that helps you achieve your goals, then you are going to succeed faster. 

In sport and rehab, doing the basics and the obvious things correctly and consistently is essential. Do not try and re invent the wheel with training.This leads to inconsistency and poor focus. Do not be fooled by the "new exercise" or program that everyone is doing because it's the "magic" exercise or program that will get you fast, thin, strong, powerful all in one and in only 6 weeks because it's not possible and unrealistic to maintain. (Refer to my post on goals There is no magic exercise or program. Trying to be good at everything makes you average at a lot and it tends to also cause injury through unnecessarily high training volumes.


In order for the body to adapt, it needs time and consistency. When I say adapt, that means adaptation in your bodies biology e.g. bone, muscle, tendon, ligament, fascia, nerve, blood vessels etc etc. Unfortunately people don't want to wait 6 months for results but I'm afraid if you want to adapt, it takes time. Scientific research has proven that increasing the intensity and frequency of training suddenly in a short period of time will result in overuse injury e.g. tendinopathy, stress fractures, bone overload, synovitis etc etc.  These injuries then take along time to recover from. Therefore, when it  comes to injury prevention, doing less consistently is always better than doing a lot inconsistently. 

So, if you want to recover from or prevent injuries, jump higher, run faster, lose weight etc etc you need to be consistent and allow your body to adapt. At ProCare, we believe that every client deserves a program, which is adaptable to their lifestyle. This means that they can exercise anywhere, be it at home, in a hotel room, at work or in the gym, so that they can be consistent and most importantly, successful.

Be different and train with the best at ProCare Sports Medicine. 


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