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Welcome To Procare

ProCare is where sports physiotherapy merges with athletic development;
where we look to break new ground in injury treatment and sports performance.

This is where clinical knowledge unifies with sports science, where physio meets fitness, and contemporary thought integrates with academic research. This is forward-thinking, joined- up treatment – this is ProCare, Cornwall’s only physiotherapy clinic that is exclusively for people who are involved in sport and fitness.

We prioritise active people with goals; we blend strength and conditioning with sports science and physiotherapy to keep you active while you’re injured, and optimising your recovery when you are not injured. We are challenging preconceptions about injury diagnosis, rehabilitation and prevention and believe that you shouldn’t need to be a professional athlete to be treated like one.

Come back stronger with Cornwall’s only sports medicine clinic, based in Truro.

Sports Physiotherapy

At Cornwall’s only sports medicine clinic, we keep you training while you’re injured, so you come back stronger, and make sure you are maximising your recovery so you have minimal impact on doing what you love.

Athletic Development

In our athletic development sessions we aim to develop strategies to boost your performance, reduce your risk of injury and prepare you mentally and physically for the demands of your sport.

How We Can Help

We don’t mind whether you play sport for fun or at a highly competitive level; whether you go the gym to lose weight, beef up or just to stay ‘fit’, it doesn’t matter to us – you get the same top-level treatment. Also, if you used to do sport, but an injury has stopped you in your tracks, we’ll guide you back to fitness.

Sports Medicine: Holistic Rehabilitation

We compile a detailed injury and lifestyle profile, discuss your fitness goals and use different assessment tools to diagnose the problem before making a plan, which works for you. Using strength and conditioning training, bio-mechanical assessment and management, plus slow- motion movement video analysis, we get to work on the rehabilitation. You get specific recovery time frames so you know exactly when you can get back to what you love.

Then, once you’re back to fighting fitness, we show you how to improve the way you train.

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If you're ready to book or if you'd like some more information prior to making an appointment get in touch with us on 07840180668 or email us at and we'll get back to you asap!

Latest News & Articles

Keep up to date with our latest news, useful information to help you train better and recover faster, and useful links to valuable resources & fitness information that can help you come back stronger.

The power of 3 & busy disease.

The power of 3 & busy disease.

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Go Big or Go Small for Strength

Go Big or Go Small for Strength

A common misconception in strength training is that you need to go hard every time to get strong. Well that’s just not true. There is a fine line between skill acquisition, central nervous system fatigue, muscle hypertrophy (growth of...

The key factor in exercise compliance

The key factor in exercise compliance

100 days ago exactly,I made a commitment to do some sort of strength training every day and I have been 100% compliant with this goal. It’s ranged from just 10 press-ups to full out gym sessions. So a bit of background to my story. I have...

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