Sports Physiotherapy

This is a holistic approach to rehabilitation and training through this relatively new field of sports medicine, which focuses on the management and treatment of injuries caused by sports and other fitness activities. A sports medicine clinician should not only be an expert in diagnosing injuries but also in the art of coaching and rehabilitation. We are movement specialists with advanced diagnostic skills as well as advanced sports and conditioning knowledge. We believe that people should only stop sport/exercise when they choose to. Just because medication and surgery isn’t working, it doesn’t mean there is no hope.

Benefits to service

At Cornwall’s only sports medicine clinic, we keep you training while you’re injured, so you come back stronger, and make sure you are maximising your recovery so you have minimal impact on doing what you love. We always design training and rehabilitation programmes with athletic performance in mind. We understand that injury is very stressful and our aim is to help you recover fast while simultaneously looking to boost performance. If you are looking for the edge in your sport, a boost in your performance, then look no further.

Who we treat

In our state of the art gym in Truro, we manage a wide range of injuries which can include long term persistent pain issues to acute and post operative management. We also look at those irritating niggles which are holding you back from reaching your goals and potential. We specialise in identifying the needs of your sport or fitness regime so that we can provide bespoke rehabilitation and training programmes.

What to expect

We compile a detailed injury and lifestyle profile, discuss your fitness goals and use different assessment tools to diagnose the problem before making a plan, which works for you. Using strength and conditioning training, bio-mechanical assessment and management, plus slow- motion movement video analysis, we get to work on the rehabilitation. You get specific recovery time frames so you know exactly when you can get back to what you love. Then, once you’re back to fighting fitness, we show you how to improve the way you train. We also have very good relationships with local gyms, cross fit boxes and trainers so we can help you decide on what is best for you moving forward after you recover from injury.


Recommended for new patients.

Not recommended for new appointments as it is often not long enough to establish a sufficient training programme.

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