Is FEAR Good or Bad for recovery?

The Bad Fear: It is one of the most detrimental mind states in rehabilitation. It directly impacts confidence, which is well known to have a direct affect on performance. 

I hear common phrases like this in my clinics: 

"What happens if" "Will I ever get back" "maybe the surgery didn't work" "the scan said there was nothing wrong, but I still have pain".These are all feelings that indicate lack of control over the situation. These warning signs cannot and must not be ignored by medical staff. The athlete or patient is indirectly asking to be reassured, so addressing this early is essential in any rehab program. It sounds obvious, but I have seen plenty of people who have been to a number of health professionals and these questions have not been answered. If not addressed, these feelings will grow and affect recovery. 

The Good Fear: Fear will prevent progress therefore turn the fear around. 

F = Focus on the opportunity to get better. This means, use this time out of your sport or activity to work on the things you were weak on before getting injured. This will help you come back stronger. 

E= Explanation from your medical team regarding: the diagnosis (get all the details and if needed bring a friend or family member to ask questions), the reasons why you may have got injured (if not traumatic),the time frames to recovery (ask for dates), short and long term goals and how you can build on your existing strengths. If this is not discussed in your consultation then see A below. 

A= Access the right people who can help with F & E and Adapt a positive Attitude towards recovery. If getting better is something you want and consider important, then you need to access the best. 

R= Rehab to the highest level and Return a better athlete. So many athletes, get a 'bit better' and return to sport early. Pain is not the only factor in rehab and if you do not listen to the people from A, you will end up with the Fear. 

ProCare embraces FEAR and enables you to come back stronger. 

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