Is this a good thing or a bad thing? 

After speaking to quite a lot of inspiring people in the recent weeks, I have found a common characteristic in people who want to improve their lives or athletic ability. This common characteristic is a constant drive to get better at what they do and that when things get tough they 'don't stop at nothing and at nothing they stop'. 

This is a very powerful characteristic and when used appropriately, is a must for success in sport, business and life. 

However, this characteristic can sometimes be a problem in terms of injury and rehabilitation. Ignoring a persistent 'niggle' and letting performance suffer because of this, is not a positive thing. 

Pain will slow down or prevent muscle contraction leading to weakness, reduced power and joint overload. In case you were wondering, this is not a good thing especially when it comes to performance. Temporary pain or exercise fatigue etc is not what I am talking about here. I am talking about persistent pain, which is progressively getting worse and preventing maximum performance. 

The classic 'man up' chat people have with themselves still works, BUT, their running times are getting slower and they can't seem to last the full 90 minutes any more. They say to themselves "maybe it's my age" at the age of 29!!. Ask Jo Pavey, Ryan Giggs and Cornwall's own, Emma Steptoe if they worry about age. 

Of course your body changes with age but it's often not your body that is the problem. It's the fact you have to 'CHANGE' things that is the real problem. You have to change your training habits, change your preparation time, change your diet, change your sleeping habits and how you manage the 'niggles'. All these things are habitual and are incredibly hard to change but they need to be addressed if you want to improve.


Don't get me wrong, drive, passion, guts are all essential in success and 'digging deep' or 'no pain no gain' is a necessity. However, pushing yourself hard is different to hobbling your way over the finish line, or spending 3 days not training because you are recovering from the last match, race, fight etc etc. 

The good news is, If this is happening to you, then you can change it, you can still train and compete and you will come back stronger. 

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