100 days ago exactly,I made a commitment to do some sort of strength training every day and I have been 100% compliant with this goal. It’s ranged from just 10 press-ups to full out gym sessions.


So a bit of background to my story. I have a busy lifestyle with family and work pressures so compliance with exercise was becoming an issue despite being an advocate of exercise in my working life. There are justifiable circumstances in my life that lead to this conflict but I still felt I could at least do some sort of exercise but things were just not happening consistently enough and my mood was low because of it.


So what happened? What changed in my life to make me comply to my goal?


What was key to this consistency in my life, which now feels as compulsory as brushing my teeth.


What makes me not even consider missing a session?


The answer was a WhatsApp group or to be more precise, it was accountability. At the end of every day I now look forward to writing down that daily number and the content of my exercise programme, which at times they have told me sounds more like a physics equation then a workout. I send this to two people that I love, trust and also have commitments they are accountable to me for.


I often quote a piece of research from a book called ‘The One Thing’, you are 69% more likely to achieve a goal if you are accountable to someone. Well now I believe that stat.


So, if you have a goal in mind and you are struggling to get started or to maintain it, find someone to be accountable to. If you are injured and you can’t comply with your rehab, give me a call on 07840180668 or visit to find out how I do things differently when it comes to exercise compliance.

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