It is nearly the end of January, your new years resolution is slowly fading and you haven't got the body you asked Santa for. You have trained hard and eaten all the right food. Your body aches, your 'dodgy' back is playing up, motivation is low and still no results.

Well done, you are at the point in training where frustration is at its highest point and failure is just around the corner. There are not enough results to act as a carrot to drive you forward and you have a bagful of excuses why you should stop.

Here are some essential points to help you push through this sticky patch.

1) Keep a diary of your activity levels. It needs to include the total volume of work done in your training session. If your session was resistance training, than multiply the reps x sets x weight lifted. Eg 5 reps x 5 sets of 100kg is 2500 kg lifted. If your session is aerobic or cardio, than use distance & time.

Feeling tired or exhausted after training does not always mean you have done a good session. Remember, a toddler can make you tired or exhausted but this does not mean that this is good athletic training. Having a training diary will help you realise that you are improving when you can't see the results in the mirror.

2) Consistency always wins over smash a grab workouts. It's about selecting the appropriate training program that fits into your life & not a marine commando's one. If you have decided to do a very strict training program, which allows minimal room for 'life', expect to start fading after 6 weeks. If your program is something like: 6 days a week for 90 minutes at a time, along with a job and possible family commitments, it will eventually wear thin. The problem than is, you see this as a failure & think 'what the hell is the point of all this' and next stop is the cake Isle.

If you have chose this type of constant high intensity style of training, than you can adapt it to suit your goals. Rest and recovery from high intensity workouts is essential for injury prevention and hormonal balance, which is essential for tissue adaptation & weight loss.


3) If fat loss is your goal, than you need to keep a food journal. Everything must go in it inc tea, jucies, fruit (often left out as these are considered healthy or non calorific). This is a 'no brainer' and is a must if you are to loose body fat, especially around stubborn areas like the stomach or hips. It will help you plan meals for the week and set down psychological anchors (mental triggers, which affect behaviour) that will help you resist temptation.

Remember, you have got momentum now and your goals are a lot closer than they were a month ago. Don't rely on YouTube or the latest fitness craze to dominate your training choices. Record your numbers and train consistency and good things will happen.

ProCare can help you reach your fitness and health goals. Get in touch if you want to change your life. 

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