Something that has interested me since I was very young.

I grew up in the west of Ireland with parents who believed in western and eastern medicine.

I attended tai chi and A&E.

I used arnica and rescue remedy and I took antibiotics and anti-inflammatory (I left ‘ies’ out as it didn’t rhyme with remedy)

I had pictures of Bruce Lee and Eric Cantona on my wall.

I went to university and learned about how the body works and I have always kept an open mind along the way. I believe in the hard science of biology, physics and chemistry but I also understand how our minds play a huge role in the recovery from injury.

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A recent client of mine (a massage therapist) came in with a chronic foot problem (Morton’s Neuroma). It was quite clear from the outset that she did not want to be treated by any medications (steroid injections) or surgery (western medicine). However, she was quite keen on having therapeutic ultrasound (not the scan) on a condition that definitely did not require this form of treatment. We had a chat about the research evidence (western medicine approach) for such treatment and I explained to her that her foot problem would benefit from a mixture of hands on therapy (eastern medicine approach) and exercise therapy.

I explained the mechanics of her problem in great detail and within 20 minutes of treatment, I had changed her pain levels quite significantly. This sounds like a perfect story but the point is, I use a

mixture of styles to achieve the best result.

As Bruce Lee used to say, ‘my style is no style’.

I agree with this philosophy. I am not west and I am not east. It’s just my style.

I love helping people reach their athletic goals and I can help you reach yours through a variety of different methods.

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