I'm a Physio with an injury and I do the same as my clients. It has been 3 months of lower back pain and numbness in my heel.

I found myself Feeling very overwhelmed with frustration that I could not exercise in the morning and lifting my son was uncomfortable.

I was struggling to do "my Physio exercises" even though I knew what I needed to do, opting for a "maybe it's ok and I'll just try and squat this 32kg kettlebell". Then 30 seconds later, regret and frustration stepped up another notch.

I then swallowed pain killers in the Hope that this will magically make it better and I can get back to my training tomorrow without addressing the real issue. The cycle repeats itself over and over.

Does this sound familiar (substitute running or cycling instead of weight lifting)?

I tried to figure out why I would do this as it's the opposite to what I tell my clients.

The reason mainly boils down to feeling frustrated and self pity.

I needed a wake up call, I needed someone to tell me, this is what's wrong, stop moping and do the work.

Luckily, I work with physios and this is what I did. Nothing like some home truths like "you are WEAK in certain positions". Not what my ego wanted to hear but it was true. The truth however set me free and I decided to listen to my own advice. Set goals, work on my weakness and build progressively over time.

So I know what it's like to be injured and not do what you love doing. It makes me moody, angry, hard to be around and not myself. My wife gets a saint hood in patience when I am injured.

So, when overwhelming frustration is taking control, ask yourself the question, do you want to continue to be like this or do you want to change and get better.

If you want to change and get better than ProCare Sports Medicine is the place for you. We understand that injury can be a dark place and we are here to show you that there is light.

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