STOP running is the Bain of every runner's life.

Let's look at a common scenario.

John is a regional level long distance runner. He has developed some knee pain over the past 3 months which is affecting his performance. He decides to attend his local GP for some advice as he has a race coming up in 3 weeks time. It goes like this:

John: “Doctor, my knee hurts.”

Doctor: “What happened?”

John: “Well, after 6 miles of running, I get aching in my knee, which is affecting my running times.”

Doctor: (who has approximately 10 minutes for an assessment and a full list of patients that day, ranging from heart disease, pregnancy, cancer, self employed people off work etc): “Maybe you should stop running."

John: “For how long?”

Doctor: “Until it stops hurting…”

John: “When will that be as I have a race in 3 weeks time?”

Doctor: (who is now under pressure to make a decision and who is most likely not to be an expert in knees, sports medicine or running) “I’m not sure, but maybe you should try some alternative sport instead.”

John now leaves the surgery very disappointed. Determined not to let his knee beat him, John continues running for another 3 months. His pain now starts after 2 miles and he can no longer compete at regional level. He has no pain with normal day activities but because he is unable to run, he has started to suffer from low mood.

Does this story sound familiar?

This is NOT the GP’s fault as it is not their area of expertise, but unfortunately, the outcome for John is not great.

At ProCare Sports Medicine, we aim to educate our clients, so that they can make GOOD decisions on how to manage injuries EARLY and EFFECTIVELY.

We also have a strong focus on how you can PREVENT injury from occurring in the future and how performance can be IMPROVED when you are injured.

We say START not stop when it comes to training and exercise.


We are so Confident in our ability to help you, we Guarantee that if we cannot improve your symptoms, you will receive a FULL REFUND. You Can't Lose. You only GAIN.

DON'T be a John, if you are injured or Struggling to stay fit, click this link or call 07840180668 now and speak with a Sports Injury Specialist.


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