It's 3am after a 12 hour day and my son has decided it's 3 pm.

My mind is clouded, I can't think straight, I'm tired but my brain is in overdrive. Will he ever sleep again? Is this a new phase of him not sleeping? Is he unwell? How long will it last for?

I'm desperate for a solution to his problem so that I can get some much needed sleep.

Lying in my bed exhausted, somewhat delirious and totally out of control, I began to relate this feeling of hopelessness to injury.

You see, when you don't know why an injury has occurred and how long it's going to take before it gets better, your mind becomes clouded with negative thoughts, you can't think straight and your brain goes into overdrive. Will I ever run again? Is this something serious? How long will it last for?

Sound familiar?

Both scenarios are exhausting and lead to a severe case of grumpiness. One requires a nappy & temperature check followed by 20 mins of humming before a solution is reached. The other requires you to search out a solution by speaking to a sports injury specialist.

My son was lucky, because he got both solutions but I don't think humming is going to sort out your knee pain.

Injury can be a dark & lonely place.

@ ProCare Sports Medicine, we guarantee that we can help you with your injury. We are so confident that we can help, if you are not improving after 3 months of treatment, we will refund you the entire cost.

If I start humming at you however, please bare in mind the beginning of this story.

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