Attention Runners …..

Are you a Runner who just runs? 

Are you meeting your target training/running times, winning races and not getting injured?

If the answer is no then read on. 

Ask yourself the following questions (honestly): 

How many strength sessions do you do a week? 

Is this a 'must do' in your weekly training? 

Who designed the programme? 

Do they address your individual biomechanical needs?

If yes, ask yourself how was this assessed and who assessed you? Do you trust and believe in them? 

Is it progressive or do you do the same thing every time with no change in load or fluidity? 

How are you measuring improvement in these sessions? 

Is your training mindless or mindful? 

When you run, forces equivalent to 9 times your body weight are experienced through each leg. Therefore, if you want to run, you need to be strong. If you are not challenging your muscles and tendons with sufficient strength training, your risk of injury significantly increases. Also important to note, running does not make you strong and if all you do is run, your risk of stress fractures, tendonopathy (aka tendinitis), 'shin splints', and compartment syndrome increases greatly. 

Mindful vs mindless training. 

A very important principle in training is Specificity. If you are not specific in your training and asking the question 'why am I doing this particular exercise', than your training is not focused and your training is mindless. For example, circuit training can be a great form of interval training, however it should not be your only strength session for running. Furthermore, it is vital that form and technique is established before circuit training starts (this rarely or never happens), otherwise poor movement quality is repeated over and over (sometimes with added weight) and it will significantly increase your risk of injury.

If any of these statements puzzle you or you are interested in any of the references for some of these statements then please feel free to message/call us for more details. 

If you would like to speak to someone regarding improving your running or preventing injury, then leave a comment or PM us. 

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