Sometimes physios demand a lot from their patients and often they can be very vague regarding return to sport.

For example, a physio may say:

“Do this exercise 5-10 times per day or when you think about it”

“Sit with good posture all day long or when you think about it”

“You need to do this programme every day for X amount of months and hopefully you can get back to sport/fitness but I’m not sure when”

“Try running a bit and see how you get on”

Sound familiar? None of it’s necessarily wrong but it’s vague, often not achievable and therefore often not affective.

I’ll let you into a trade secret, physios are the worst patients. That’s because we are like everyone else. Life can be tough and time can often be the main barrier. But when it comes to patients, sometimes we as Physio’s forget about life and focus only on the injury, which is far too simplistic.

Comments like “well they didn’t do their exercises so what did they expect” are bounded around physio departments everywhere. But exercise and rehab is hard even if you are a pro athlete.

We must consider the whole person and not just the injury.

ProCare offers longer appointments so that we can understand the whole person and not just the injury. I believe this is vital in getting people back to their sport and fitness programmes faster.

If you want your physio to listen, understand your injury and get you back to sport/fitness fast then call 07840180668 or visit and join the ProCare Revolution.


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