The cardboard box trap.

Cardboard box training. It’s taking the fitness Industry by storm. Well, not really.

Let’s take the simple cardboard box. If you have ever been around kids when they get

a new toy, the novelty wears off pretty quick and then it’s onto the cardboard box

the new toy came in for hours and hours of entertainment. Parents the world round

are continuously baffled by this but yet we continue to buy the flashy toy. Why not

just buy the cardboard box.

Well, cardboard box training is simple training. It’s doing what actually needs to

be done. It’s not extra, it’s not flashy, it’s not going to transform you

immediately but it will get results. The problem is, people don’t do it because they

have been sold a story by marketing experts that training needs to be hard,

complicated, time consuming and best of all, transform you in 2 weeks. Having a

flashy toy might sometimes get you motivated, which is great but the consistency

lies in the cardboard box. Flashy toys for birthdays and Xmas is great but then it

should be cardboard box every other day to maintain consistency.

In summary: 6 steps to cardboard box training.

  1.  Find something you want...really want and not just kinda want.

  2.  Have pictures & videos about it and write it down. Have it where you can

      access it quick. Helps with motivation and dopamine.

  3.  Plan it out in full. Everything especially time.

  4.  Tell someone and be accountable to someone

  5.  Guilt is a waste of time. Forgive yourself and get back on the horse.

  6.  Be consistent

At ProCare Sports Medicine, we can do flashy when needed but we preach cardboard box

training. It gets results and they last.

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